Why jsMorph and how it's working

jsMorph is a completely Cross-Browser, pure javaScript animation framework that can manipulate almost any and multiple stylings of multiple HTML elements. It auto detects start positions, auto converts units, automatically adjusts rendering speed and corrects time leaks for smoother rendering experience. Even if used for queued multiple elements, jsMorph can do single or grouped triggering as well as handling plenty of unique or overall callback functions.
All methods within jsMorph are chain able for less hassle and coding!
jsMorph can also be used for converting units to pixels or any other unit ( em, pt, pc, in, cm, mm, ex, % ).
Relative animation, color and opacity is now supported.

jsMorph has a smartly timed rendering engine that can do more at a time and a queuing system for many manipulations to many elements at the same time. jsMorph is also friendly to your memory and CPU due to its 'green' resource saving core.

jsMorph is under MIT & GNU General Public License Version 2 license.
This makes usage even more flexible ;o)
Have fun with it.